FIU President Mark Rosenberg’s ICSJP II Welcome Address 2021

A warm welcome from President Mark B. Rosenberg of Florida International University (FIU) to scholars and community members attending the virtual second ‘International Conference on Science and Jain Philosophy (ICSJP)’ hosted by FIU and the Jain Education and Research Foundation (JERF) from 19-22 March 2021.

FIU Jain Studies: A Decade of Accomplishments and the Future

We celebrate a decade of Jain Studies at Florida International University through various endowments from the Jain community including the Bhagwan Mahavir Professorship (first endowed Jain professorship in the United States), Mahavir Nirvan and Jayanthi Lectures, Latika & Rajiv Jain Fellowship, and the Bafna Family Fund Award. Our accomplishments include new courses in the state of Florida system, having graduated thus far 22 graduate students specializing in Jainism, the largest Jain Studies academic library collection in the Southeast United States, student/professor scholarship opportunities to study Jainism in India, and pioneering new interdisciplinary research incorporating Jain principles to address global challenges.

ICSJP II Day 1, Part 1 (3-19-2021)

ICSJP II Day 1, Part 2 (3-19-2021)

ICSJP II Day 2, Part 1 (3-20-2021)

ICSJP II Day 2, Part 2 (3-20-2021)

ICSJP II Day 2, Part 3 (3-20-2021)

ICSJP II Day 3, Part 1 (3-21-2021)

ICSJP II Day 3, Part 2 (2-21-2021)

ICSJP II Day 4, Part 1 (2-22-2021)

ICSJP II Day 4, Part 2 (2-22-2021)