Below is an introductory video and a selection of peer-reviewed academic resources on Jain philosophy. We hope these materials will help to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion and dialogue for the conference.

Introduction to Jainism by Varun Soni [YouTube]

Consciousness and relativity: Anekāntavāda and its role in Jaina epistemology by Jeffery Long [PDF]

Ecological consciousness in Jainism: Exploring realities, constraints, and traditions by Anand Singh [PDF]

Jainism and environmental ethics: An exploration by Piyali Mitra [PDF]

Sources for the study of Jaina philosophy by Christopher Chapple [PDF]

The philosophy of the Jainas by Harisatya Bhattācharyya [PDF]

The scientization and academization of Jainism by Knut Aukland [PDF]

Yoga and landscapes by Christopher Chapple [PDF]

Banner image: One of a pair of Jain manuscript covers (Patli); early 12th century (source)