His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman is the eleventh Acharya, supreme head of Jain Śvētāmbara Terapanth sect. He heads all activities functioning under Terapanth organisation, most notably Anuvrat, Preksha Meditation, Jeevan Vigyan (Science Of Living). All the Terapanth sub-organisations, notably, Jain Vishva Bharati, Terapanth Mahasabha, etc. are working under his guidance.

Despite being an Acharya of a religious order, his views are liberal and secular. He has a firm conviction to promote nonviolence, moral values and principles.

Dr. Gulab Kothari is a celebrated journalist, sensitive writer, poet, thinker, exponent of Ved Vigyaana which is the secrets of nature as expounded in the Vedas, researcher, peacemaker, advocate of interreligious understanding and cooperation, philanthropist and above all a spiritually elevated human being. He is the chairman of Vedic Peeth (Institute of Ved Vigyan Studies and Research, Jaipur, India).

He is the Editor-in-Chief of Rajasthan Patrika, a national Hindi Daily in India, which he has transformed into an instrument of social change. His editorials fearlessly expose the acts of injustice, corruption and promote reconciliation and harmony in society.

Prof. Dipak C. Jain is a globally recognized marketing and innovation expert whose insights have inspired a generation of business leaders to pursue success with significance. For almost four decades he has had a fruitful career as an educator, senior business school administrator, and a consultant to corporations and governments.

He has been at the helm of top European and American business schools and currently is the President (European) of China’s leading international business school. Prof. Dipak C. Jain is the founding Chairman of Jain Education and Research Foundation.